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Window tinting for automotive car tint

film installation Cleveland Ohio


Window tinting Free quote and pricing, car tinting

shade film and commercial window tinting in

Cleveland Ohio

Top 10 reasons for car window tinting:
  1. Reduce fading
  2. Regulate temprature in cold or hot weather
  3. Safety, your windows are much harder to shatter with tint on them
  4. slows burglars down – harder to break
  5. Keeps prying eyes out of your car
  6. Reduces glare to make it safer to drive
  7. Cozy and private ambience – like having curtains but you still can see
  8. Car will look much better
  9. will make it affordable
  10. Same day installation adn does not void any warranty

Cleveland car window tinting and tint film for privacy of cars and homes. Film for cars should not be used for homes. Stay tuned for do it yourself window tinting for your car and home at this site and for instructions on how to tint your car and minimize the bubbles and dust in the tint film.

We use high quality film and we repair tint.

*Tinting USA* of Cleveland does retail tint for consumers directly.

Of course nothing is better for protecting your car from the harmful effects of UV sunshine rays and from the prying eyes of potential thieves like the dark window tinting which is allowed to be of any shade on the back and must be of complying shade on the front 2 windows…

Legal car window tinting in Ohio is available from


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    Thank you for visiting this site…
    TintProCP will be moving to a new website

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    Window tinting installation, how to tint your car windows by Auto Accents (Video)

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